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St. John Fisher School Launches new G and T hub

News image St. John Fisher Catholic High School are proud to announce the launch of the school’s new Gifted and Talented hub: The site will provide valuable information and guidance for parents, students, and staff. Throughout 2010 the hub will announce exciting new developments concerning the programme for more able, gifted and talented students at the school. The site will…
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Welcome to St John Fisher Catholic High School’s Gifted and Talented hub. The site is designed to allow parents, students, and staff to access information on the School’s Gifted and Talented programme and wider issues concerning Gifted and Talented students.

As a Catholic school we recognize the talents of every student and we are dedicated to stretching our highest ability students and the school affords them the opportunity to augment their key skills and knowledge.

The site will enable you to examine the ways in which you can support your gifted child and ensure that they make great progress in secondary education. Furthermore, you will be able to contact the Gifted and Talented coordinator with queries and recommendations.