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Oxbridge programme:
In Years 12 and 13 students are members of the joint sixth-form, a unique community of Christian faith in which students are taught at both St. Aidan’s Church of England High School and St. John Fisher Catholic High School. The two schools offer an Oxbridge programme for eligible students. The schools are proud of their strong links to colleges at both Cambridge and Oxford universities and even more proud of our strong track record in sending students to Oxford and Cambridge. Our students enjoy regular visits from Admissions officers and senior tutors who give students an insight into the admissions process and interview skills.

Which students are eligible for Oxbridge application?
Students who achieve a capped GCSE points score of 428 or above are invited to participate in the Oxbridge programme. If the students go on to perform strongly in their AS exams, the coordinator will guide them through the Oxbridge application process. These could be students who for various contextual reasons were not identified as Gifted and Talented earlier on in their school lives.

What does the Oxbridge programme offer students?
The programme is run by the two school coordinators: Dr F Murray and Mr M J Spiers. The programme is designed to aid students in their application and involves: talks centred on application to Oxbridge colleges; personal statement workshops; and also mock Oxbridge interviews to prepare students for their actual college and departmental interviews in December of their A2 year. Furthermore, the sixth-form students along with potential applicants from Ripon Grammar School travel down to Oxford or Cambridge for the universities’ annual open days, usually at the start of July.

My child has received very strong GCSE scores but thinks he/she is not good enough to get in to Oxford or Cambridge. What can I do?
The Oxbridge coordinator will be more than happy to discuss application with the student and if necessary will refer them to one of the many outreach officers working for the Oxbridge colleges. The talks by the coordinator should go a long way into dispelling some myths concerning application to Cambridge and Oxford.

I would like more information on applying to Cambridge and Oxford. Where can I go to find out more?
The universities themselves have clear information outlining how to apply and the courses available to undergraduate students. The links on this site should provide you with the first step in researching the opportunities available to students.

Contact the Gifted and Talented coordinator

Please contact the Gifted and Talented coordinator with queries and recommendations.