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At the heart of Christian education is the belief that all students are gifted or talented in certain areas. These areas may include: sporting prowess; artistic flair; a passion for physics; or a love of history. Through its tailored curriculum and extra-curricular provision, the school endeavours to provide opportunities for all students: however we also recognize the need to provide for our students who are considered to be in the top five percent of students in the country.

Contact the Gifted and Talented coordinator

Please contact the Gifted and Talented coordinator with queries and recommendations.


How do we identify Gifted and Talented learners at St. John Fisher Catholic High School?

At St. John Fisher we assess students’ eligibility through using the following criteria: Primary schools are encouraged to share information about students who have previously been identified as being Gifted and Talented. Moreover, at the end of year 7 subject teachers are asked to identify Gifted and Talented students within their subject area. This information is then combined with CAT scores to allow the coordinator to identify ten percent of the student population considered to be Gifted and/or Talented. From 2010 onwards parents will also be able to nominate students. If you would like any more information about definitions of Gifted and Talented students please visit:

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What happens if my child has a slow start to school life?

We identify new Gifted and Talented students throughout Years 8-11. Staff are asked to nominate students at the end of each academic year. If your child has shown a wonderful aptitude for physics or chemistry in Year 9, a nomination will be passed to the coordinator by a member of the teaching staff.

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What happens if my child is identified as being gifted in one subject but not in others?

Some students may be identified as talented in a subject such as drama but not be recognized as gifted or talented in other subjects. This does not mean that they are forgotten – far from it. We attempt to offer enrichment opportunities for all subjects. Therefore a student who demonstrates a talent for drama can still take part in school productions and work with outside agencies to augment their skills. Most departments offer their own enrichment groups, societies, and projects

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My child has met the criteria and has been identified as gifted and talented. Has the school got a specific programme in place?

The school offers Gifted and Talented students the opportunity to develop their academic skills in a number of ways: In year 8 the coordinator and the humanities links coordinator nominate a number of students to learn Latin via an online course and regular meetings with a visiting tutor; Students are also afforded the opportunity to attend a leadership residential course at Bewerley Park; Year 10 students are also invited to take the Morrisby profile aptitude tests. We hope to announce some exciting developments in 2010.

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What is the role of the Gifted and Talented coordinator?

The coordinator is responsible for overseeing the Gifted and Talented programme at the school. They are also responsible for the joint-coordination of Oxbridge applicants along with the Oxbridge coordinator at St. Aidan’s School. The coordinator uses attainment data to ensure that any underachievement is identified and Gifted and Talented students are able to excel academically. The coordinator has a direct link to parents and guardians through the ‘ask the coordinator’ section of the website and is available to offer advice to parents on summer school availability etc.

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Do you have a programme for Gifted and Talented students in the sixth form?

Our top sixth form students i.e. those who have a capped GCSE score of 428 or above in their top 8 GCSEs are offered various opportunities to develop their academic potential. These students are allowed to study AS level critical thinking alongside their other A Level choices, and can also undertake research for an extended project (part of the new AQA Baccalaureate qualification offered to students in the joint sixth-form). Students are also offered the opportunity to join the joint sixth-form’s Oxbridge programme, details of which can be found in the Oxbridge section of the website.

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